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All stories have a beginning and Justin's story began in his pre-teens when he got his first guitar. In Justin's own words: "It wasn't a very expensive guitar but it felt like the greatest instrument in the world to me. As I held it and slowly learned a few rudimentary chords, enough to play a song or two, I began to experience a whole new world. My imagination went wild as I fantasized about becoming that coveted teenage icon, a rock star. As the teenage years unwound and with the benefit of many years of guitar lessons and countless hours of solitary practice, I managed to become a proficient enough guitarist, although I never did attain the virtuoso level-a la Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Carlos Santana, and others in that league-that I had so coveted and dreamed about. That realization devastated me at first, but I soon turned my attention to another aspect of music. After some soul searching it became clear to me that what I truly loved was performing, singing and writing songs. In other words the full package, as I realized that a superlative lead guitarist is only one component of a great band. Consequently I started exploring and devoting much of my time to writing and developing my singing abilities. Of course I was realistic and fully aware that I id not possess the natural talent of an opera singer. But I also understood that it was not necessary to have a tenor's voice. I learned early on that in the pop and rock world, and in life as well, what is essential is to be an innovator, not an imitator."


Over the years, Justin has been involved in various facets of music. As an artist, he's evolved as a singer, songwriter, recording artist, producer and live performer.

Justin's music combines a number of styles, ranging from rock, pop, and country-rock. He has penned over one hundred songs and his lyrics are filled with meaning and depth while his vocal delivery is unmistakably distinct.

Justin is based and makes his home in New York. Originally from Canada, his early foray in the world of music revolved around the Montreal music scene. He performed and fronted, as the lead singer and guitarist, different bands including "FreedRider" and "The Edge". He then ventured out on his own as a solo performer, originally under the stage name of Justin Jordan. He's appeared and been interviewed on Canadian television and cable television and his music has been played on Canadian and American radio.

Justin's creativity truly comes to life in the recording studio. He has recorded in New York, Nashville, Montreal, and Toronto, at major recording studios, including "Le Studio" in Morin Heights (north of Montreal), Eastern Studios in Toronto, Sound Stage, Masterfonics, Emerald Sound Studios, Treasure Island Studios, Studio 1111, and Tombestone Recorders in Nashville. The range of renowned artists that have also worked and recorded in these studios have included The Police, Asia, Elton John, Rush, Reba McIntire, Deana Carter, Vince Gill, and many, many others.

Through the years Justin has worked with many talented, well-known, and highly respected musicians, producers, engineers and other professionals in the music industry. Among them Claude Lemay, keyboardist extraordinaire and Celine Dion's long time band leader, Michael "Dee" Graham, producer and Canadian radio personality, Marty Williams, renowned Nashville mastering engineer and producer, Clyde Brooks, producer, as well as Tommy Wells, Chris Leuzinger, and Bruce Bouton, to name but a very few of the outstanding musicians featured on Justin's CDs.

Finally, Justin's musical projects have consistently benefited from the invaluable creative and technical contributions of his brother Vince. Vince's input at every level has been an intricate and irreplaceable part of Justin's music.


Justin A.G. has two CDs available on this site. The "Illusions Come and Go...Life Goes On" CD was recorded in Nashville, TN and packaged and printed in New York and New Jersey. Its style is mostly in the country-rock/pop vein.

"Here's to You...Here's to Me" is a compilation CD and encompasses songs from a number of Justin's musical projects and recordings that he made with over the years. This two disc CD incorporates various rock and pop styles and it ranges from ballads to up tempo pop and straight on guitar and effects oriented rock. It includes 21 songs and features one or more versions of some songs, and a couple of songs from the "Illusions Come and Go...Life Goes On" CD recorded with a completely different arrangement and musical style. It was recorded at a number of different sites and mastered at SoundLab, New York.

Justin is currently working on a third CD, which will feature all new songs, and should be completed by year's end.


Justin has taken his love for music and, through his multi-faceted career, applied it to related fields. Namely he's an attorney with entertainment and music law expertise, and as a college professor he regularly teaches Entertainment Law and The Music Industry, and has also taught Entertainment & Media Law in law school.

He also keeps track of the latest developments in the world of music as an Associate member of The National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences, a member of the New York State Bar Association's Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Section, and many other similar organizations.